Japa Pack - 40 day post partum pack. Increases lactation and helps to breastfeed with ease
Prem Ka laddoo . Dry fruit laddo with makhana, pepper  and pure ghee
Jappa Pack for 40 day nutritious food for new moms

Japa Pack - The 40 day post partum nourishment pack !!

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The Japa Pack 

The complete pack contains - Lacto-kare Powder (2 packs), Lacto-kare Cookies(2 packs), Beej Nachni cookies (2 packs), Motherly Granola (2 packs), and Prem Ka laddoo (1 pack). Complimentary methi seeds and nutrition plan !!!

Japa Pack is a 40 day post partum nourishment pack. It helps mothers recover faster and includes a free diet plan to guide mothers on foods to include to increase their breast milk supply. Additionally, it has a breastfeeding routine to provide support throughout the mother’s journey.

The first six weeks are a critical period for a new mother's recovery, and so as per Indian tradition, she is confined to her room through its duration of 40 days.

The tradition arose from the need to protect both mother and the baby from infections, build their immunity and help the mother recover from the exhaustion of childbirth.

This is when the mother needs perfect nutrition that will help her body heal internally and externally too.

Apart from the first 40 days this pack is a total nourishment - making their bones stronger, giving proper nutrition, micronutrients to mothers for keeping up their energy. This pack can also be taken by mothers any month during post partum too. 

An ideal choice of nourishment pack for nursing/pumping mothers looking to increase their milk supply, recover faster and gain bone strength too. These product also help

Our first 40day pack contains our best sellers all clubbed together along with Prem Ka Laddoo and  a regular new mom diet plan.

What does it have ??

1. Lacto-Kare Powder - Maa ki Shakti - 300 gms - 2 Packs


Ingredients - Multigrain flour, rich almond, cashews, dry dates, sowa fruit, Indian seeds, etc made in pure ghee and jaggery and 19 rich ingredients!

Mum’s Promise - 100% natural with no color and preservative!!!

Key Benefits for New Mothers:

  • The Lacto-kare powder is a 100% natural, organic breastfeeding supplement developed by Ayurvedic experts, gynecologists, nutritionists, and pastry chefs. It has hand-picked ingredients that are rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. 
  • The seeds, grains, and rich organic dry fruits help mothers to increase breast milk and help the body recover from inside. 

How to have it?

It’s a natural product so for best results simply have 2 table spoon twice a day for continuous 4 months.

  • Have it 15-20 minutes before nursing.
  • Simply eat 2-3 tablespoons and then a glass of warm water(without mixing with water).
  • Mix 2 tablespoons with a glass of milk and have.
  • Put it in your roti/paratha rollout and have.
  • Have 3 liters of water daily.

To know more click her - https://mumtumm.com/collections/frontpage/products/lactokare-powder

2. LACTOKARE COOKIES - 250 gm - 2 packs

Ingredients - oats, fox millet, Ayurvedic Chandrasura seeds, breastfeeding Indian seeds, Aswagandha mineral-rich organic brown sugar.

 Lacto-kare cookies is a breastfeeding supplement. It is made with a combination of rolled oats,  rich multigrain flour, fox millets, and natural seeds, Ayurvedic Chandrasura seeds, Yashtimadhu, with a hint of chocolate. Each cookie is a filler and a healthy snacker for a new mom during her breastfeeding time. The ingredients have been hand-picked by nutritionist and Ayurvedic expert so that it gives the utmost benefit to new moms..

How to have it?

  • Have 2 - 3 cookies with a cup of tea or milk.
  • Have 2-3 cookies simply without anything and then a glass of water.
  • Have 15 minutes before nursing.
  • For best results take the cookies regularly for four months.

For more details click here - https://mumtumm.com/collections/frontpage/products/lactokare-cookies

3. BEEJ NAACHNI COOKIES - 250 gms - 2 Packs

Ingredients - Organic sprouted Ragi/Nachni, Pista, Pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds and other plant seeds rich in Zinc and calcium. Made in jaggery.

Brief - Beej Nachni Cookies is a combination of pure sprouted ragi/nachni with pista, badam, green pumpkin seeds and various other seeds that helps in providing nutrients to the body.

The cookies is a healthy snacker and immunity booster for new mothers.

How to have ?

Two cookies a day can be eaten plain or with a cup of tea. You can eat it as mid-meal during the day or as night snacker.

To know more click here - https://mumtumm.com/collections/frontpage/products/beej-naachni-cookies

4. MOTHERLY GRANOLA - 120 gm - 2 Packs

Ingredients - Rich Dry fruits, Almond, Cashews, Oats and Jaggery

Brief - healthy snacker for kids, prenatal mothers and post natal moms

It is made with rich dry fruit and nuts folded in with lots of love and sweetness of jaggery!!

Key Benefits

  • Natural energy Booster dose
  • Rich with calcium and vital vitamins
  • Healthy and power-pack snacker for kids
  • Rich in folic, potassium and calcium.

How to have?

1 bar a day

5. PREM KE LADDOO - 250 GMS - 1 Pack

Ingredients : Wheat, Almonds, makhana, cashew, edible gum, sugar and made in A2 cultured Pure Ghee.

Our signature Pure A2 Cultured Ghee Prem ke laddoos is loaded with dry fruit and makhana. A wheat based laddoo made from ancient Indian recipes. One laddoo is a power house of nutrients and energy booster. A very rich and good snacker for toddlers, new moms and dad’s too…

How to Eat?

1 Laddoo a day is enough for your nutrition

*** Complimentary - methi seeds (100 gms)

***Complimentary food planner will be provided..

For customized planner Kindly whatsapp us and we will put you through our clinical nutritionist.

Whatsapp at - 9136123993

** Shipment generally takes 4-5 working days to reach you. It also depends on the destination. For further query connect / whatsApp us on @9136123993 . 


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