Ragi cookies with sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds and melon seeds. Healthy  kids cookies
Beej Naachni Cookies - Ragi cookies with sunflower, pumkin and melon seeds (Healthy snacking)
Nachni cookies with seeds Jaggery cookies
Beej Nachni  Cookies with Jaggery

Beej Naachni Cookies - Ragi cookies with sunflower, pumkin and melon seeds (Healthy snacking)

Mum Tumm
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The ragi cookies is a healthy snacker and immunity booster for toddlers to elders.

Ingredients - Organic sprouted Ragi/Nachni, wheat, butter, Pista, Pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds and other plant seeds rich in Zinc and calcium. Made in jaggery.

Brief - Beej Nachni Cookies is a combination of pure sprouted ragi/nachni with pista, badam, green pumpkin seeds and various other seeds that helps in providing nutrients to the body.

Mum’s Promise - 100% natural with no color and preservative!!!

Key Benefits

  • Healthy snacker rich in pure calcium, zinc and vital vitamins.
  • Natural immunity booster if had regularly.
  • Healthy and nutritious toddler cookies too.
  • Helps people to reduce back pain or joint pains.
  • A tummy filling snacker.
  • For new moms it’s the favorite tummy filling snacker for night munching or mid morning munching..
  • An essential dose of nutrition for working moms.

How to have ?

Two cookies a day can be eaten plain or with a cup of tea.

 Net Weight: 250 gms (20 cookies) 


Name - Beej Nachni

Brand - Mum Tumm

Type - Healthy Ayurvedic supplement

Flavour - Natural

Weight - 250 gm 

Shelf Life-

Best before 3 months from MFD. Consume before 1 month from opening the pack. Best to store in a dry steel or glass airtight container.

Items included in the Package: 1 packs of cookies

Brand Information:

 Mum Tumm, is a unique couture that specialises in making curated natural breastfeeding snackers, prenatal bars and healthy snackers under the guidance of medical professionals.We use traditional ancient Indian techniques to prepare snackers. Over the years, mums have loved our products as we use iron/copper vessels to store/ make the snackers which helps to include the natural ingredients in the snackers.

 Each of the product has rich Indian taste and benefits. India is known for Ayurveda and our products have ingredients from our vedas which helps to boost immunity and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So mums plunge into the river of rich ancient Indian products and enjoy each bite of nutrition!! We bring you Mum’s Food!!

Proudly Made In India

FSSAI License No: 31364567899

** Shipment generally takes 4-5 working days to reach you. It also depends on the destination. For further query connect / whatsApp us on @9136123993 . 



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