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Lactation Consultant, Chennai

A Certified Lactation Counselling Specialist. Specialised in handling complicated issues in the field of lactation including feeding management in preterm babies, cleft palate, Pierre robin syndrome, babies and mothers with special needs. 

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It is a brainchild of Seema Kazi who is passionate to create awareness among prenatal and postnatal moms. 

At Samã Birthing and Beyond, we offer extensive information on preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

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Bump and Baby Club Antenatal Sessions

Dr Divya Gaur is an Internationally certified Antenatal postnatal Exercise specialist by AFPA , USA INTERNATIONALLY Certified Diastasic Recti Rehab Specialist AFPA, USACertified Lactation ConsultantChild Birth Educator Practising, Hypno Birthing Postgraduate Physiotherapist- Cardiothoracic and Intensive Care.

"I believe access to the right antenatal postnatal education can dramatically affect the outcome of birth. Positive information , and learning the physiology of birth, can Instill confidence which can hugely benefit both the mother and baby," believes Divya. 

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LAMAZE Certified Childbirth Educator, Physiotherapist,

Labor & Lactation Support Professional

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