Chotu Wheat Oats Almond jaggery cookies (110 gm)

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Chotu Wheat Oats Almond jaggery cookies (110 gm)

Contains - 9 cookies

Wheat oats, almond cookies are recommended for kids who are ready to bite into healthy eating . It is recommended that if kids have 2-3 teeth it is easy to chew. If not you have to dip in milk or water to help them eat it. 

These kids friendly healthy cookies are made from superior quality wheat, oats and almonds which adds dietary fibre and protein  and vitamins to your baby’s food.

Mum’s Promise - 100% natural with no color and preservative!!!

Why Moms love Mum Tumm??

Freshly handmade in small batches for kids and grown ups

Ingredients include - wheat, almond flour, oats and butter. 

Sweetness is with jaggery

No added preservative, color

Key Benefits

  • Healthy snacker rich in dietary fibre, protein and taste.
  • Made with whole grain, oats and jaggery
  • Healthy and nutritious toddler cookies too.
  • A tummy filling snacker.
  • A dose of nutrition for kids.

How to have ?

Two cookies a day can be eaten plain or with a cup of milk.

Net Weight: 110 gms ( 9 cookies) 


Name - Wheat Oats Almond

Brand - Mum Tumm

Type - Nutritious Cookies

Flavour - Natural

Weight - 110 gm 

Shelf Life-

Best before 2 months from MFD. Consume before 1 month from opening the pack. Best to store in a dry steel or glass airtight container.

** Shipment generally takes 4-5 working days to reach you. It also depends on the destination. For further query connect / whatsApp us on @9136123993 .