Mum Tumm Lactokare lactation powder super saver value pack
Lactation Powder super saver pack

Lactokare Powder (Lactation Powder) Value Pack - pack of 3 (750 gms) - 1300/-

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 This 3-pack of Lactokare Powder contains 750gm of lactation powder enriched with natural galactogogues and other ingredients like almonds, cashews, dry dates, makhana, and edible gum. An ideal choice for nursing mothers looking to increase their milk supply, this product helps to aid lactation with its nourishing supplement.

1. Lacto-kare Powder - Maa ki Shakti 

Ingredients - Multi grain flour, rich almond, cashews, dry dates, sowa fruit, Indian seeds, etc made in pure ghee and jaggery and 19 rich ingredients!

Mum’s Promise - 100% natural with no color and preservative!!!

Key Benefits for New Mothers:

  • Lacto-kare powder is a 100% natural, organic breastfeeding supplement developed by Ayurvedic experts, Gynecologist and Nutritionist and pastry chefs. It has hand picked ingredients that are rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. 
  • The seeds, grains and the rich organic dry fruits helps  mothers to increase breast milk and also helps the body to recover from inside. 
  • It has no color, preservatives and has no added artificial flavors. It is made in pure ghee and jaggery and is mildly sweet. It does not contain shatavari, soy or fenugreek seeds.
  • It has natural Galactagogues and it’s very tasty and not sweet at all as per new mums.
  • The powder helps  mothers to breast-feed her child and provide much needed wholesome nutrition to the baby. It also helps to increase the immunity of the new born.

How to have it?

It’s a natural product so for best results simply have 2 table spoon twice a day for continuous 4 months.

  • Have it 15-20 mints before nursing.
  • Simply eat 2-3 tablespoon and then a glass of warm water(without mixing with water).
  • Mix 2 tablespoon with a glass of milk and have.
  • Put it in your roti/paratha rollout and have.
  • Have 3 litres of water daily.



Name - Lacto-kare Powder

Brand - Mum Tumm

Type - Breastfeeding supplement/ Ayurvedic/Natural

Flavour - Natural

Weight - 750 gm

Shelf Life-

Best before 6 months from MFD. Consume before 2 month from opening the pack. Best to store in a dry steel or glass airtight container.

Items included in the Package: 750 gms powder

Brand Information:


Mum Tumm, is a unique couture that specialises in making curated natural breastfeeding snackers, prenatal bars and healthy snackers under the guidance of medical professionals.We use traditional ancient Indian techniques to prepare snackers. Over the years, mums have loved our products as we use iron/copper vessels to store/ make the snackers which helps to include the natural ingredients in the snackers.

Each of the product has rich Indian taste and benefits. India is known for Ayurveda and our products have ingredients from our vedas which helps to boost immunity and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So mums plunge into the river of rich ancient Indian products and enjoy each bite of nutrition!! We bring you Mum’s Food!!

Proudly Made In India

FSSAI License No: 31364567899

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